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We invite innovators to demo their technology and invite you to ask thoughtful questions and inform their products. Online or in-person, Public Good App House events bring together NGOs, corporations, government agencies, and the tech sector to showcase how technology can solve problems and improve lives.  #publicgoodtech

Are you interested in how technology can be a force for good?

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our goal is to increase the reach and impact of public good technology projects
Our strategy is three-fold:


Encourage increased engagement between technologists,

activists, and engaged community members.


Promote knowledge and use of developed technology.


Aggregate impact to describe and scale change.

Upcoming events

November 18 2021 Demo of Giving Apps:

Fundraising, In-Kind Gifts, and Volunteering

Discover innovative apps that help nonprofits and their members contribute time, talent, and treasure. In this Public Good App House event we will demonstrate technology solutions for fundraising directly from your Zoom webinars, tracking volunteer hours, creating in-kind giving pages, and accepting cryptocurrency donations.


Kathleen Murphy Toms of GivingTuesday will introduce the event, share the latest from GivingTuesday, and talk about how critical data collection is for the social sector.  Accept crypto donations by generating a free donate button or link for your organization. Receive cash to avoid additional accounting or legal hassles.


Give InKind: Learn how organizations are utilizing Give InKind's free platform to drive digital gift card donations for distribution.


Pledge: Any Zoom meeting can become a fundraiser for nonprofits in minutes through the Donations by Pledge app. See how you can install easily and start fundraising through Zoom.


Track it Forward: Solve the problem of tracking volunteer hours by enabling them to enter their own time.

Past events and DEMOS

August 17th 2021 Demo Event:

Apps for Organizations Working with Refugees and Immigrants

Jersey Cares app by MilkCrate

P2 from Primarius

HelpAction by NonProfit Exchange

May 5th 2021Demo Event:

Four Apps Helping Nonprofits Successfully Respond to COVID-19 Challenges

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