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Are you interested in how technology can be a force for good? We invite innovators to demo their technology and invite you to ask thoughtful questions and inform their products.  #publicgoodtech


DWeb for Good: Real-World Examples of Innovation

Wednesday, September 20, 2023, 12:00 – 1:00 PM EDT

n this, our second session in the series, expert speaker Shannon Ewing will be exploring how leading civil society organizations are using the decentralized web for impact.

These inspiring real-world case studies showcase innovators in fundraising, governance, humanitarian aid, traceability, and impact tokenization:

  • Crypto donation programs and NFTs for donor stewardship

  • Transparent voting systems and decentralized autonomous organizations

  • Refugee support and famine relief programs

  • Preventing human trafficking

  • Sustainable climate initiatives

  • Tokenizing impact outcomes

Afterward, you’ll receive a guide with hands-on activity and a takeaway explainer you can share with your organization. You’ll also have access to a live Q&A to clarify any questions you have.

Office Hours: DWeb for Good: Real-World Examples of Innovation

Wednesday, September 27, 2023, 12:00 – 1:00 PM EDT

Join our second Q&A Office Hours session, featuring expert speaker Shannon Ewing. Discover how leading civil society organizations are harnessing the power of the DWeb for real-world impact in areas such as crypto donation programs, transparent voting systems, refugee support, human trafficking prevention, and sustainable climate initiatives. Shannon will present inspiring case studies showcasing innovation in fundraising, governance, and humanitarian aid using DWeb technology.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the transformative potential of the DWeb in civil society.

The Future of DWeb Funding for Makers in
Civil Society

Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 12:00 – 1:00 PM EDT

In this third session in our series, we’ll help Makers understand how to take their impact project from idea to reality. We’ll explore how Makers can use DWeb mechanisms to build their projects like hackathons and accelerators, then look at how to fund their impact projects including grants, venture capital, and initial coin offerings.

When it comes to impact funding, there’s nobody with more experience and expertise than Azeem Khan. As Head of Impact at Gitcoin, he’s raised millions of dollars for thousands of innovative public good projects. He’ll be guiding you through the various tried-and-tested means with which to build and fund your next impact project.

Afterward, you’ll receive a guide with hands-on activity and a takeaway explainer you can share with your organization. You’ll also have access to a live Q&A to clarify any questions you have.

Past events and DEMOS

DWeb and Civil Society: An Introduction For Makers

Discover the essentials of the decentralized web, the workings of blockchains, and the ethical development of DApps in this engaging webinar led by Gloria Kimbwala.

Blockchain, decentralization, cryptocurrencies, and DApps. We hear these terms every day, but what do they really mean? And, more importantly, how can they be used in civil society?

In this first in a series of webinars, Gloria Kimbwala will take you through the fundamentals and answer questions like these:

What is the decentralized web and why is it important for Makers?

What are blockchains?

How does blockchain technology enable decentralization?

How do you buy, sell, store, and send cryptocurrencies?

What are protocols and DApps?

How can you create ethical DApps that factor in all groups within society?

Measuring Social Impact for Meaningful Storytelling

How do nonprofits and Makers of apps for good use storytelling to show clear impact? Often, there is a gap between day-to-day implementation on the ground and big-picture storytelling that engages funders and the larger community to get involved.

Join Exygy, a social impact technology organization, and the CROP Organization, a nonprofit dedicated to reducing recidivism and supporting reentry, to learn how to translate a Theory of Change into actionable metrics, how to navigate the biggest challenges in implementation, and ways to grow your capacity to tell meaningful stories of impact. We will share CROP’s evolution from having a Theory of Change all the way to sharing its impact with local government leaders.

Office Hours: Empowering Makers and Fostering Collaboration in Civil Society

Foster collaboration, enable knowledge sharing, get answers to the pressing questions inhibiting the development and adoption of public good technologies.

The primary goal of "Office Hours" is to support members of the public good technology ecosystem and bring together diverse stakeholders from across civil society. By facilitating open conversations and collaboration, these sessions aim to empower Makers to deepen connections with leaders from across civil society who are well-positioned to help them accelerate the development and adoption of their solutions

Marketing Your Mission: App Demos for Nonprofits [2023]

Hootsuite, Userlike, DonorPerfect, Constant Contact , Adobe Express Premium

Whether you are a seasoned marketing professional or new to the field, this event will provide valuable insights and practical advice for growing your nonprofit's impact. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the experts and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Unlocking Community Empowerment: Office Hours with Nathan Hewitt from Open Collective

Office Hours session with Nathan Hewitt, Operations Strategist at Open Collective.

During this special Office Hours event, Nathan Hewitt will be available to answer your burning questions and provide expert guidance. Whether you need advice on navigating complex legal regulations, setting up your Open Collective account, or tips on optimizing your fundraising strategies, Nathan's expertise will help you make the most out of their platform.

How to Create a Digital-First Community with DAOs

The event will focus on the future of organizing for causes and the technology that supports your valuable work.

The event will focus on decentralized apps for distributed communities and collective governance.

How Can Civil Society Participate in the Decentralized Future Of The Web?

The Guardian Project and more

The decentralized web (DWeb*) is the product of a technological movement that aims to distribute the internet (including data and applications) across a network of connected devices as opposed to large, centrally controlled entities. Join us to learn how decentralized solutions — including those from The Guardian Project and more — can empower civil society to better serve communities around the world.

Innovative Solutions to Feed More People [2022]

Lemontree, FoodCloud,, Enclude

Technology is reshaping how nonprofit organizations help people worldwide, forcing nonprofits to be nimble and creative.

Making Your Community Project Sustainable

If you are having a hard time figuring out how to organize your community and fundraise, you are not alone!

Most communities feel they are operating in a silo, asking themselves the same questions: Should we start a nonprofit? Who should be the president? What if it doesn't work out? How do we close it? How much money should we spend on accountants and lawyers? This doesn't have to be the case. There are options out there to help you easily collaborate and fund your efforts.

Public Good App House: Civic Tech Apps

Civic Champs, Bloom Housing by Exygy: Tenant Protections by TechEquity Collaborative: LiquiDonate:

TechSoup and SPUR present a live, in-person pitch event, in San Francisco, featuring a demo panel of four apps that address civic issues

Apps for Disaster Preparation and Response [2023]

RespondLocal, Solvoz, SmartResponse.Org, Missing Maps

A disaster can seriously impact your organization's operations, whether it's an earthquake, wildfire, hurricane, or human-caused calamity. In this Public Good App House demo event, we will showcase practical solutions that nonprofits can use to ensure that they, and their communities, are ready to respond when disaster strikes.

How Mental Health and Crisis Intervention Organizations Use Mobile Apps [2022]

Aselo, Trans Lifeline, The Trevor Project

How can Mental Health & Crisis Intervention organizations use texting, WhatsApp, and chatbots in a scalable way? In this webinar nonprofits share how they are offering personalized and timely support for their clients.

Public Good App House Event Image3


"As a startup working in the social impact sector, The Public Good App House helped us make powerful connections. One event particularly illustrates this as we were able to meet in person with the Medic Mobile team, an organization we've been looking to collaborate with. After attending the Public Good App House, we were able to solidify  and strengthen our relationship with them, which was decisive for our startup."

 - Tiphaine of OvioHub

Goal Stairs Background image
our goal is to increase the reach and impact of public good technology projects
Our strategy is three-fold:


Encourage increased engagement between technologists,

activists, and engaged community members.


Promote knowledge and use of developed technology.


Aggregate impact to describe and scale change.

Do you have a public good tech product you’d like to demo at a future event?

Please drop us a note and tell us about it.

Thanks for submitting!


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