Our events bring together approximately 75 community members representing NGOs, corporations, government agencies, and technology development groups to watch demos of up to 7 public good technology projects.  These events have been held in San Francisco, CA, USA; Washington, D.C., USA; Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil; Oakland, CA, USA; and Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil; among other cities.  


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For the last four years, the team at Caravan Studios has increased the public good by creating technology that reimagines how communities can access and use resources to respond to their most pressing issues.

We have learned a tremendous amount.

And we've gotten even more curious ABOUT:

 the participatory methodologies used to create community projects.
the ways that we can measure the impact of public good technology projects, so that we can, collectively, share the change that public good projects are creating in the world.
the projects that are creating change across communities, across borders, and across languages.
And we would like to talk about all of this with you.
Our goal is to increase the reach and impact of public good technology projects. Our strategy is three-fold:

Promote increased engagement between technologists,

activists, and engaged community members.

Promote knowledge and use of developed technology.

Aggregate impact 

to describe and

scale change.





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You are invited to our upcoming EVENTS.

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