We asked some of our developers three questions about their projects.

Climate Cost Project

1.  How would you describe your path to having built your app?

I’ve always been interested in the power of data to tell a story, and in citizen participation and citizen science. My partner and I were looking for ways to let people participate in telling their own story of how they are economically affected by climate change, and then helping to make their data public. We didn’t actually start out online. We started with an offline platform. When we finished with this process, we realized that there was a lot of potential for an online application and that people were very welling to share their experiences.  

2. What does your app do and how did you arrive at that particular problem as the one that you decided to solve?

My background is in environmental economics and climate change policy. My co-founder has worked in the same area, and we both  deeply understood that there is very little data on the costs of existing climate impacts, and that public knowledge and awareness of the immediate impacts of climate change is high.  We saw both a gap in knowledge of climate change costs, and a way in which that gap could be filled through public participation. 

3) Do you have any story to tell about the impact of your app?

Cities that we are working with find the app helpful in terms of understanding their climate change costs. We also are looking forward to releasing our preliminary data on the costs of tick-borne illnesses, which are a significant climate change impact, and I think that the damages of that impact are not well understood by the public at large, or even the climate change community. We are looking forward to shedding some light on the real human climate costs in that area.